June 16:   David Pangrazio and Jim Harbison Wire-to-Wire Winners at Genesee

Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (June 16, 2018)- Genesee Speedway got back to the customary Saturday Night program this weekend with six divisions and with it came a throng of cars and dramatic finishes in nearly every feature.

David Pangrazio was able to score his second feature win of the season where he led all 25 laps of the Crate Late Model Feature on Saturday Night, but this one he used a myriad of lanes.  Pangrazio, of Elba, dominated the feature that ran caution from up until the white flag lap.  He was able to move his No. 136 all over the track, and picked lapped cars off with ease, keeping Jason Genco, his nearest challenger, more than seconds back.  A caution with one lap remaining would allow Genco to restart on his back bumper, but Pangrazio made his No. 136 as wide as possible to hold on for the victory.  Genco would settle for second, while Bill Holmes moved by Jon Rivers on the final lap for fourth.  JJ Mazur rounded out the top five.
The first time Jim Harbison won a feature at Ransomville, he ran away and hid, on Saturday Night, his first win at Genesee was a lot more well-earned.  Harbison, of Ransomville, led all 25 laps of the Sportsman Feature, holding off two-time defending champion Kyle Inman for the final 17 laps applying all the pressure he could to steal the win away.  Coming to complete lap 19, Inman was able to pull alongside the No. 18w, but could never get closer than .02 seconds to the lead.  As the duo was coming to the white flag, Inman made a strong bid for the lead and the two bumped wheels as Harbison worked hard to stay to the bottom, with the No. 20k starting to find the inside groove coming in.  Harbison adjusted his line and held on to capture the checkered flag and in Victory Lane was fast to compliment Inman, who ran him clean and had to settle for second.  Austin Susice ran a close third with Chase Matteson and AJ Custodi rounding out the top five.

Dave DuBois dominated the 360 Late Model Feature once again, winning his fourth feature in as many races this season.  DuBois jumped out in front of John Zimmerman on the opening start, and then held a steady advantage of him through the race.  Tommy Kemp would move by for second late in the race, While Zimmerman settled for third.
Dennis Cummings used a freshly-prepared racetrack to hang up on the top of the speedway and lead all 20 laps to score his second win of the season in the street stocks.  Even though Cummings, of Wellsville, led the distance, he was hounded by Byron Dewitt from start to finish, with the defending champion making multiple bids to the inside of the leader, only to come up just a few car lengths short.  As Cummings and Dewitt had their own battle for the win, Mike Jackson fended off Kenny Begnouche for third while Mike Kelly collected his first top five of the season.

Chris Leone brought a new car to Genesee Speedway a few weeks ago on a mission and showed it again on Saturday Night, as he reeled off his second-straight win in impressive fashion.  Leone, of Niagara Falls, took the lead from Eric Brumsted on lap eight amidst dense lapped traffic, and then took off to lap up to the fourth place car. Dante Mancuso would drive up to finish second, while Eric Weis got by Brumsted on the final lap to finish in third.  Joe Kilby completed the top five.

The Bandits had hotly-contested battles for the lead all night.  In the heat race, Bailey Logsdon got by Allison Dewitt off the final corner to score the win.  In the feature, however, Dewitt was able to hold off Logsdon despite a host of contact off the fourth turn to claim her first win of the season.  As Dewitt was driving off to the win after the contact, Jessica Traxler was able to sneak up to pass Logsdon for second at the finish line.

Racing action continues next Saturday, June 23rd, with another Super 6 at 6:00 P.M. program, which includes the BEI Lightning Series.  For more information, visit www.Genesee-Speedway.com.
Genesee Speedway Results: 6/16/2018-
Batavia Downs Gaming Night

MHL Performance Crate Late Model Feature (25 Laps)- DAVID PANGRAZIO, Jason Genco, Bill Holmes, JJ Mazur, Doug Ricotta, TJ Downs, Beamer Guzzardi, Rob Pietz, Kyle Murray, Jimmy Johnson, Greg Mrzywka, Billy DuBois, Ron Watson, Adam Ferri, Dante Mancuso, Carl Shetler.

Lap Leaders- Pangrazio 1-25.
Heat Winners- Pangrazio, Guzzardi.

Cornerstone Eye Associates Sportsman Feature (25 Laps)- JIM HARBISON, Kyle Inman, Austin Susice, Chase Matteson, AJ Custodi, TJ Newton, Brian Bellinger, Zack Sam, Cameron Tuttle, Zachary George, Sarah Johnson, Ray Bliss, Anthony Muscato, Austyn Fugle, Shane O’Grady, Nate Koson, Adam Chaddock, Dalton Martin, John Venuto, Tony Pangrazio, Mike Denning, Chuck Mogavero, Carl Inman, Rick Martin, Alan Bratek (DNS).

Lap Leader- Harbison 1-25
Heat Winners- K. Inman, Bliss, Pangrazio.

Johnson Automotive 360 Late Model Feature (15 Laps)- DAVE DuBOIS, Tommy Kemp, John Zimmerman, Tom Baker, Shawn Hazlitt, Rich Hale, Jacob McConnell (DNS).

Lap Leaders- DuBois 1-15.
Heat Winners- Zimmerman.
Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- DENNIS CUMMINGS, Byron Dewitt, Mike Jackson, Kenny Begnouche, Mike Kelly, Bob Babbitt, Roy Amadick, Vic Behrens, Dave Bansmer, Ryan Allen, Doug Jones (DNS), Jesse Qutermous (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Cummings 1-20.
Heat Winners- Cummings, Dewitt.

Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- CHRIS LEONE, Dante Mancuso, Eric Weis, Eric Brumsted, Joe Kilby, Bill Weller Jr., Olivia Coniber, Tony Kulesza, Jessica Schleede, David Dussault, Trinity Reynolds, Tiffany Rumsey, Elliot Arnold, Mike Richenberg, Chris Walton, Cole Susice (DNS), Lindsay McKenzie (DNS), James Gayton (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Brumsted 1-7, Leone 8-15.
Heat Winners- Brumsted, Weller.

DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- ALLISON DEWITT, Jessica Traxler, Bailey Logsdon, Greenley George, Brian Gregory, Randy Gregory, Adam Jackson (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Dewitt 1-12.
Heat Winner- Logsdon.

June 7: James Henry Grabs GRIT Sportsman Feature at Genesee

Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY (June 7, 2018)-  A special Thursday night edition at the Genesee Speedway produced 102 race cars in just four divisions, including 37 GRIT Sportsman Series cars and guaranteed starting spots for each of the winners in the Topless Crate Nationals, which provided plenty of excitement on a beautiful June night.
To start off the work week, James Henry had his Sportsman on a jig at Bicknell Racing Products fixing his chassis after a hard wreck over the weekend, on Thursday Night he was standing in Genesee Speedway Victory Lane with the GRIT Sportsman Feature victory.

Henry, of Niagara Falls, led all 30 laps of the GRIT Sportsman Wild West Season Opener to claim the $1,200 top prize.  Throughout much of the race, local favorite Ricky Newton put on a worthy challenge for Henry’s lead, peaking to the inside of the No. 21.

“Under caution flags I would check with my crew to see if they thought I should get off the top,” said Henry in Victory Lane.  “I’m not usually a top-side guy but I just held on that line and it worked out.”

Henry had to survive a slew of restarts, many of which saw Newton pull fully alongside to challenge.  After the final restart on lap 29, Newton slipped high in turn two and would fade back, opening up the door for Canadian Adam Leslie to inherit second and challenge for the lead.  Henry was too strong coming to the finish and Leslie would settle for second.  James Friesen would cross in third while Brad Rouse railed from a lap three incident to finish fourth.  Ricky Newton would come home in fifth.

Bill Holmes was not in Crate Late Model competition on Saturday, and his extra rest seemed to pay off as he dominated the 25-lap, $1,000-to-win Feature.  Holmes, of East Concord, was never challenged by Beamer Guzzardi, as he held a steady one to two second lead from green to checkered. It was the first win at Genesee for Holmes since August of 2016.  Guzzardi was able to finish second, while John Waters drove from 15th up to finish in third, while JJ Mazur and Jason Knowles rounded out the top five.
After four consistent finishes that came up short of Victory Lane to start of the season, defending Street Stock Champion Byron Dewitt broke through for his first checkered flag of 2018.  Dewitt, of LeRoy, made a sweet pass on the top of turn two to get by Glenn Whritenour on lap eight and then drove away from there to claim $1,000 in the first race of the Street Stock Mini Series.  Whritenour had to fight hard to hang on for second as Josh Pangrazio pressured him the entire second half of the race but would have to settle for third.  Kurt Stebbins and Mike Jackson were able to complete the top five.

To round out the night was a special $600-to-win Mini Stock feature, where Chris Leone, of Niagara Falls scored his first win at Genesee. Leone led for much of the event before being passed by Bobby Dickinson on lap 18 for the top spot.  A caution flag would fly soon after, when Dickinson was moved back for a violation, allowing Leone to get back out front and stay there.  His buddy Cole Susice would cross closely behind in second while Dickinson wound up third.  Dante Mancuso and Don Whiteside completed the top five.

Genesee Speedway will be off this Saturday, but will roar back to life next Saturday, June 16, when Batavia Downs Gaming presents a Super 6 at 6:00 program.  For more information, visit www.Genesee-Speedway.com.
Genesee Speedway Results: 6/7/2018-
Jasper Engines/ The Detail Shop Night

$1,200-toWin GRIT Sportsman Tour Wild West Series Feature (30 Laps)- JAMES HENRY, Adam Leslie, James Friesen, Brad Rouse, Ricky Newton, Austin Susice, Dave DiPetro, Dave Conant, Cody McPherson, Austin Fugle, Kyle Inman, Jonathan Reid, Chase Mattison, Ray Bliss, Robbie Johnston, Garrison Krentz, TJ Newton, Jim Harbison, Zach George, Luke Carleton, Sarah Johnson, Tony Pangrazio, Zack Sam, Ajay Potzrebowski.

Lap Leader- Henry 1-30.

Did Not Qualify- Rick Martin, Keith Stevenson, Cameron Tuttle, Mike Denning, Cody Egner, AJ Custodi, Anthony Muscato, Jeff Davoli, Nate Koson, Adam Chaddock, Justin Sharp, Dalton Martin, Matt Steffenhagen.

Heat Winners- Leslie, Reid, DiPetro, Susice.
Consolation Winners- Fugle, Johnson.

$1,000-to-Win MHL Performance Crate Late Model Feature (25 Laps)- BILL HOLMES, Beamer Guzzardi, John Waters, JJ Mazur, Jason Knowles, David Pangrazio, Jeremy Wonderling, Sam Pennacchio, Steve LaBarron, Doug Ricotta, Kurt Stebbins, Jon Rivers, Carl Shetler, Billy DuBois, Adam Ferri, Chris Fleming, TJ Downs, Greg Mrzywka, Jason Genco, Kyle Murray, Alan Chapman, Jimmy Johnson.

Lap Leaders- Holmes 1-25.
Heat Winners- Mazur, Genco, Wonderling.
$1,000-to-Win Street Stock Mini Series Feature (20 Laps)- BYRON DEWITT, Glenn Whritenour, Josh Pangrazio, Kurt Stebbins, Mike Jackson, Pat Powers, Ryan Allen, Bob Babbitt, Billy Bleich, Dennis Cummings, Quinn Sutherland, Roy Amadick, Michael Kelly, Tom Savercool, Vic Behrens, Kenny Begnouche, Tommy Cooper, Jesse Qutermous, Kyle Rupp (DNS), Doug Jones (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Whritenour 1-7, Dewitt 8-20.
Heat Winners- Dewitt, Whritenour, Stebbins.

$600-to-Win Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (20 Laps)- CHRIS LEONE, Cole Susice, Bobby Dickinson, Dante Mancuso, Don Whiteside, Eric Brumsted, Lee Hicks, Tony Kulesza, Joe Kilby, Chad Dickinson, Olivia Coniber, Ruben Coffey, Tiffany Rumsey, Chris Walton, Ray Hyer, Brad Shepard, Jessica Schleede, James Gayton, Andrew Gayton, Tyler Williams, Eric Weis, Steven Krawczyk, Trinity Reynolds, John Mosher (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Leone 1-17, B. Dickinson 18, Leone 19-20.
Heat Winners- Dickinson, Leone, Whiteside.

June 2- Jason Genco Breaks Through at Genesee for First Career Rush LM Tour Win
Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (June 2, 2018)- Jason Genco has seen major disappointment in his time at Genesee Speedway, but on Saturday Night he broke through for his first ever Rush Dirt Late Model Tour Win.
Genco, of Jamestown, NY, inherited the lead on lap 13 when the top 3 cars got wrapped up in a pile-up on a restart and gave the No. 29 the top spot he would not relinquish.
“This is not the way I want to win in it, but I think I had something for them,” declared Genco in Victory Lane.
Genco started in 7th and was in the 4th position on lap 13 when Jason Knowles and leader John Waters came together on the frontstretch, collecting Jeremy Wonderling in the process.  Once the race got back underway, Genco had to change his gameplan.
“The last time we raced here we ran out of tires and I learned from that and tried to ride for a few laps but when (the major wreck on lap 13) happened it was time to go.”
The last time that Genco was referring to was the Topless Crate Nationals last September, when he led with two laps remaining but would fall victim to an incident with eventual winner Bryce Davis on a restart.  Genco found sweet redemption and a $2,000 payday along the way.
Brady Wonderling was able to stalk Genco for the lead throughout the second half of the race but would have to settle for second place.  Beamer Guzzardi made a late-race pass of Kyle Murray to finish on the podium while John Waters would rally to get back up to fourth.  Murray would round out the top five.
Dave DuBois stayed hot in the 360 Late Model Feature, as he led from green to checkered to win his third feature in as many starts this season.  DuBois, of Corfu, had to hold off polesitter Tommy Kemp on consecutive restarts to get back in front, including once where the two made contact.  With two laps remaining, Kemp closed while they were in lapped traffic, but DuBois got by in the right spot to roll to the victory.  Kemp was second while Rich Hale crossed in third.
Dennis Cummings finally broke through to score a win at Genesee as he led wire-to-wire to win the 20-lap Street Stock Feature.  Cummings, of Wellsville, NY, had to navigate a technical race surface on a host of restarts to hold off Doug Jones, who would settle for second.  Jesse Qutermous had his best finish of the season in third while Byron Dewitt and Bob Babbitt completed the top five.
Eric Weis scored his first career victory in the 15-lap mini stock feature as he took the lead back from Eric Brumsted on lap 7 then sliced through the lapped traffic with precision to hold off Chris Leone.  Weis, of Batavia, had taken the initial lead, only to hand it over on lap three when he drifted over the berm in turn two and fell back to fourth.  Weis held steady though and then on a lap six restart made a move to take the lead he would never relinquish.  Chris Leone’s return to Genesee ended with a solid second while Eric Brumsted, Done Whiteside and Bobby Dickinson rounded out the top five.
The Bandit Feature, as always, put on a wild show, with five lead changes in 12 laps.  Bailey Logsdon, lost the lead to Allison Dewitt on the races only restart on lap eight, but worked hard to hit her marks and take the lead away coming to the white flag.  Logsdon was solid on the final circuit to score her third win of the year, while Dewitt fought hard to finish second just ahead of Adam Jackson.
Racing action continues this week with a special Thursday night show.  Jasper Engines and The Detail Shop will present special guaranteed starting spots for the Topless Crate Nationals.  The GRIT Sportsman Tour will be included on the card.  Racing time for Saturday is slated for 7:00 p.m.  For more information, visit www.Genesee-Speedway.com.
Genesee Speedway Results: 6/2/2018-
MHL Performance Night
MHL Performance RUSH Crate Late Model Tour Feature (30 Laps)- JASON GENCO, Brady Wonderling, Beamer Guzzardi, John Waters, Kyle Murray, Jason Knowles, Doug Ricotta, Jeremy Wonderling, Dean Ferri, Cory Lawler, Jimmy Johnson, Greg Mrzywka, Carl Shetler, Billy DuBois, Alan Chapman, Jon Rivers, Bill Kessler, TJ Downs, Wayne Robertson, JJ Mazur, Doug Jones.
Lap Leaders- Waters 1-12, Genco 13-30.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Heat Winners- J. Wonderling, Mazur, Murray.
Dash Winner- J. Wonderling.
Johnson Automotive 360 Late Model Feature (15 Laps)- DAVE DUBOIS, Tommy Kemp, Rich Hale, Tom Baker, Shawn Hazlitt.
Lap Leaders- DuBois 1-15.
Heat Winner- Kemp.
Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- DENNIS CUMMINGS, Doug Jones, Jesse Qutermous, Byron Dewitt, Bob Babbitt, Mike Jackson, Vic Behrens, Ryan Allen, Kenny Begnouche, Michael Kelly, Roy Amadick, Josh Pangrazio, Bryan Faulkner.
Lap Leaders- Cummings 1-20.
Heat Winners- Cummings, Pangrazio.
Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- ERIC WEIS, Chris Leone, Eric Brumsted, Don Whiteside, Bobby Dickinson, Dante Mancuso, Brad Shepard, Cole Susice, Steven Krawczyk, Joshua Oles, Tony Kulesza, Andy Gayton, Olivia Coniber, Joe Kilby, Jessica Schleede, Tiffany Rumsey, Ruben Coffey, Trinity Reynolds, Dave Jackson, Tony Hermanson, Rich Conte, James Gayton (DNS).
Lap Leaders- Weis 1-2, Brumsted 3-5, Weis 6-15.
Heat Winners- Leone, Dickinson, Susice.
DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- BAILEY LOGSDON, Allison Dewitt, Adam Jackson, Jessica Traxler, Randy Gregory, Brian Gregory, Hailey Wais, Alexis Traxler.
Lap Leaders- J. Traxler 1, Dewitt 2-4, Logsdon 5-6, Dewitt 7-10, Logsdon 11-12.
Heat Winner- Logsdon.

May 26- Kyle Murray and Glenn Whritenour Score $1,000 Pay Days at Genesee
Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (May 26, 2018)- Kyle Murray had one top five finish last year in his first season at Genesee, already three races in to 2018, he has two wins.
Murray, of Delevan, made a nifty move on a lap nine restart to clear early leader Sam Pennacchio and then drove away from there to score the $1,000 payday in the Close Racing Supply Crate Late Model Special. 
“I knew if (Pennacchio) left the bottom line open I could get a good run on the restart, and I guess I had enough,” recalled Murray after the race.
As Murray was rim-riding to the win, the Canadian Pennacchio had to fight hard to fend off the advances of Bill Holmes for second.  Holmes would settle for third, while Beamer Guzzardi and
The last time that Dave Conant visited the Genesee Speedway, he was involved in a wreck that saw him take out the flagstand and parked his No. 44 over the frontstretch wall; on Saturday night, he parked his sportsman in Victory Lane.
Conant, of Pendelton, made his first start of 2018 count as he moved by Anthony Muscato on lap 20 while in lapped traffic and then held him off despite losing break pressure a lap later to capture a meaningful victory.
“This means a lot,” stated “Cadillac” in Victory Lane.  “I think (Muscato) was better than us on an open track but things got a little hairy (on lap 20 in lapped traffic).”
Muscato had a strong lead for most of the race, but when he went to make the move around a lapped car, he was able to clear the backmarker in either lane and would surrender the lead, eventually settling for second.  Week two winner Ray Bliss would drive up to third, with Kyle Inman charging from 15th to 4th while Austyn Fugle rounded out the top five.
The $1,000-to-win Gene Dewitt Memorial was contested at the end of the night for the Street Stocks and came right down to the final set of corners to determine who would capture the win.  Jesse Qutermous led every lap from the start of the race, despite multiple challenges for the lead by Glenn Whritenour.  Whritenour had fallen back through the midsection of the race, but coming to the white flag the duo encountered a lapped car, settling up a wild battle to the finish.  Heading down the backstretch on the final lap, the top two split the lapped car, with Qutermous getting the worse of the maneuver as contact sent him careening off the track while Whritenour drove off to collect the win.  Qutermous was unable to finish, which would hand second over to Jared Hill. Dennis Cummings would hold off Byron Dewitt for third place while Mike Jackson completed the top five.
Dante Mancuso pulled double-duty on the night, running a late model along with his familiar mini stock, which he showed comfort in, leading all 15 laps to win his second feature of the year.  Mancuso, of Batavia, was challenged throughout the race by Cole Susice and Eric Weis, with Weis making the final challenge in the closing laps to finish second.  Susice would settle for third, with Eric Brumsted and Joe Kilby rounding out the top five.
Bailey Logsdon also scored her second win of the year, making a wild pass on lap 9 to get by Allison Dewitt while encountering a lapped car.  Logsdon had chased Dewitt for much of the race, but when she made the move to take the lead away, Dewitt dove in deep to turn three to attempt a slide job, only to see the No. 14 drive back in to the lead.  Adam Jackson would make a late rally but would cross in second while Greenley George ran up to finish in third.
A strong showing of 85 cars helped to fill the pits on a clear night for racing.  The track was in fine shape, allowing for very few cautions during the heats and in many of the features.  The action intensifies next Saturday as MHL Performance presents the RUSH LM Tour Event paying $2,000-to-win.  For more information, visit www.Genesee-Speedway.com.
Genesee Speedway Results: 5/26/2018- Close Racing Supply Night

MHL Performance Crate Late Model Feature (25 Laps)- KYLE MURRAY, Sam Pennacchio, Bill Holmes, Beamer Guzzardi, Wayne Robertson, Jimmy Johnson, TJ Downs, JJ Mazur, Doug Ricotta, David Pangrazio, Jon Rivers, Joe Long, Greg Mrzywka, Alan Chapman, Billy DuBois, Carl Shetler, Dante Mancuso.
Lap Leaders- Pennacchio 1-8, Murray 9-25.
Heat Winners- Ricotta, Downs, Pennacchio.
Cornerstone Eye Associates Sportsman Feature (25 Laps)- DAVE CONANT, Anthony Muscato, Ray Bliss, Kyle Inman, Austyn Fugle, Cam Tuttle, Sarah Johnson, John Venuto, Austin Susice, Dalton Martin, Zach George, Jim Harbison, AJ Custodi, Nate Koson, Zack Sam, Chase Matteson, Shane O’Grady, Mike Denning, Rick Martin, Matt Steffenhagen, TJ Newton, Cole Clark, Adam Chaddock.
Lap Leader- Muscato 1-19, Conant 20-25.
Heat Winners- Matteson, Johnson, Bliss.
Gene Dewitt Memorial presented by Dale Valley Diecast and Cummings Trucking for Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- GLENN WHRITENOUR, Jared Hill, Dennis Cummings, Byron Dewitt, Mike Jackson, Kenny Begnouche, Doug Jones, Ryan Allen, Bob Babbitt, Vic Berrins, Jesse Qutermous, Morgan Dewitt, Roy Amadick, Pat Powers, Mike Kelly, Kyle Rapp, Josh Pangrazio.
Lap Leaders- Qutermous 1-19, Whritenour 20.
Heat Winners- Cummings, Powers, Jackson.
Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- DANTE MANCUSO, Eric Weis, Cole Susice, Eric Brumsted, Joe Kilby, Brad Shepard, Olivia Coniber, Jessica Schleede, Andrew Gayton, Tiffany Rumsey, Dave Jackson, Trinity Reynolds, Bobby Dickinson, Chris McGuire, Rich Conte (DNS), James Gayton (DNS), John Mosher (DNS).
Lap Leaders- Mancuso 1-15.
Heat Winners- Mancuso, Conte.
DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- BAILEY LOGSDON, Adam Jackson, Greenley George, Jessica Traxler, Drew Westmoreland, Allison Dewitt, Hailey Weis, Randy Gregory, Alexis Traxler, Brian Gregory.
Lap Leaders- Dewitt 1-8, Logsdon 9-12.
Heat Winner- Dewitt.

May 12- Ray Bliss and David Pangrazio Headline Genesee Winners
Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (May 12, 2018)- Ray Bliss has had a string of early season bad luck over the last few seasons at the Genesee Speedway, so to shake those gremlins he made a quick and decisive move to the front and then never looked back to travel to Victory Lane.
Bliss, from Warsaw, jumped for his 4th starting spot to second on the opening set of corners then a lap later moved by Josh Wilcox to gain the lead he would never relinquish to win the Sportsman Feature. 
On Orleans Ford Night, the second regular season event of 2018, which once again featured 100 cars in the pits, the track was fast, making the competition tight and making Bliss’ charge to the front so critical.
“I saw TJ (Newton) tag the wall coming to the green and it kind of opened the hole for me so I just went there and it worked out,” stated Bliss after the 25-lap feature.  “I didn’t have a mirror in the car but figured it was pretty good and I just drove away.”
The early portions of the Sportsman feature were mired by caution, but when the green flag was out each time it was clear Bliss was the dominant car on the field.  Only in the final five laps when Andrew Smith got clear in second did anyone run quicker laps then the No. 27z.
As Bliss was cruising to victory, Smith would cross in second, while third would go to Austin Susice.  Wilcox would end up fourth with Matt Steffenhagen completing the top five.
On opening night, David Pangrazio was unable to start the Crate Late Model Feature, on Saturday night he started out front and stayed there, driving away from the pack for his first win.  Pangrazio, of Elba, never had a serious challenge from second-place and defending champion JJ Mazur despite having to weave through the lapped traffic.  The race took on yellow fever in the late stages but Pangrazio never got rattled and was able to pick up the win, along with a $200 bonus from Cummings Trucking.  Mazur, Jeremy Wonderling, Jason Genco and Bill Holmes completed the top five.
Dave DuBois stayed perfect for the season in the 360 Late Models as he led wire-to-wire to win the 20-lap feature.  “The Outlaw” jumped to an early advantage over Zack Carley, but as the race ran along green flag conditions Carley ran him down as they reached the back of the pack.  On lap 12, just as Carley was setting up a pass for the lead, the only caution of the race flew right in front of the leaders, allowing DuBois to regain clean track and run the rest of the way to his second win in as many starts this season.  Carley would settle for second with Tom Baker, Tommy Kemp and John Zimmerman rounding out the top five.
Teddy Morseman made his invasion of Genesee count in the Street Stock Feature as he led all 20 laps and held off the late-race advances of defending champion Byron Dewitt to score a win that included a $200 bonus from Cummings Trucking. Morseman nearly lost the lead on a handful of occasions to Dewitt, but had the momentum to hold back the No. 34 off the corners. As Dewitt settled for second, Dennis Cummings held back fellow Southern Tier driver Kurt Stebbins for fourth while Mike Jackson rounded out the top five.
Eric Brumsted survived a major late-race challenge from defending champion Dante Mancuso to win the 15-lap Mini Stock Feature.  Brumsted, of Batavia, took the lead on lap 7 from Don Whiteside while in lapped traffic but after a late-race restart restacked the field, Mancuso was able to challenge Brumsted for the top spot.  Mancuso would lead lap 13 and 14 at the line but on the final circuit, Brumsted got the momentum off the final corner to capture the victory by a half second.  Mancuso would settle for second while Whiteside, Eric Weis and Bill Weller Jr rounded out the top five.
Adam Jackson won the 12-lap Bandit Feature handily, as he equaled his 2017 win total on the second night of the year.  Jackson, of LeRoy, had a steady advantage during the long green flag run in the middle of the race, as well as on the many restarts to keep defending track champion Jessica Traxler to a second place finish.  Week one winner Bailey Logsdon would complete the podium.
Genesee Speedway Results: 5/12/2018-
Orleans Ford Night
MHL Performance Crate Late Model Feature (25 Laps)- DAVID PANGRAZIO, JJ Mazur, Jeremy Wonderling, Jason Genco, Bill Holmes, TJ Downs, Kyle Murray, Bruce Hordusky, Jimmy Johnson, Beamer Guzzardi, Kurt Stebbins, Alan Chapman, Billy DuBois, Jon Rivers, Greg Mrzywka, Carl Shetler.
Lap Leaders- Pangrazio 1-25.
Heat Winners- Pangrazio, Rivers.
Cornerstone Eye Associates Sportsman Feature (20 Laps)- RAY BLISS JR., Andrew Smith, Austin Susice, Josh Wilcox, Matt Steffenhagen, Kyle Inman, Cam Tuttle, Dalton Martin, Sarah Johnson, John Venuto, Shane O’Grady, Chase Matteson, TJ Newton, Anthony Muscato, Austyn Fugle, Rick Martin, Mike Denning, Zach George, AJ Custodi, Nate Koson, Adam Chaddock, Tim Schram, Chris Brown, Zach Sam, Jim Harbison.
Lap Leader- Wilcox 1, Bliss 2-20.
Heat Winners- Steffenhagen, Custodi, Susice.
Ken’s Charcoal Pits BBQ 360 Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- DAVE DUBOIS, Zack Carley, Tom Baker, Tommy Kemp, John Zimmerman, Rich Hale, Shawn Hazlitt.
Lap Leaders- DuBois 1-20.
Heat Winners- DuBois
Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- TEDDY MORSEMAN JR., Byron Dewitt, Dennis Cummings, Kurt Stebbins, Mike Jackson, Joe Chamberlain, Bob Babbitt, Ryan Allen, Kenny Begnouche, Jesse Qutermous, Mike Kelly, Doug Jones, Deanna Jackson (DNS).
Lap Leaders- Morseman 1-20.
Heat Winners- Begnouche, Dewitt.
Dash Winner- Begnouche.
Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- ERIC BRUMSTED, Dante Mancuso, Don Whiteside, Eric Weis, Bill Weller Jr., Duane Powers, Kane Stebbins, Cole Susice, Cole Hicks, Chuck Cala, Rich Conte, Dylan Greene, Trinity Reynolds, Olivia Coniber, Lindsay McKenzie, Danielle Thomas, Tony Kulesza, Chris Horton, Austin Wonderling, John Mosher, James Gayton, Joe Kilby, Lee Hicks, Caleb Wolcott, Anthony Schoonover, Tyler Oakes.
Lap Leaders- Mosher 1, Whiteside 2-6, Brumsted 7-12, Mancuso 13-14, Brumsted 15.
Heat Winners- Brumsted, Powers, Weis.
DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- ADAM JACKSON, Jessica Traxler, Bailey Logsdon, Drew Westmoreland, Allison Dewitt, Alexis Traxler, Hailey Weis, Brian Gregory, Randy Gregory, Greenley George, Brooke McClain, Justin Jackson (DNS).
Lap Leaders- A. Jackson 1-12.
Heat Winner- J. Traxler, Logsdon.


MAY 5- Kyle Murray and Sarah Johnson Score Opening Night Wins at Genesee

Rich Vleck, BATAVIA, NY, (May 5, 2018)- Opening Night of the 2018 was greeted by incredible weather; what was even more impressive was the car count; what was even better was the racing.

An amazing 102 cars filled the pits on Saturday Night as Kohorst Custom Homes presented the season opener for the six weekly divisions.  Each of the races were hotly contested for, with the majority of the checkered flags going to some of the younger competitors in the pits.

The Crate Late Model feature saw a race-long battle for the lead between 2016 Track Champion Beamer Guzzardi and sophomore shoe Kyle Murray.  Murray took the lead for the first time on lap 3, but Guzzardi would take it right back the next circuit, but the young Murray was not ready to give up. With under five laps remaining, Murray moved his No. 21k by Guzzardi and would hang on to collect his first career win at Genesee. Guzzardi would hang on for second, while Jon Rivers held off 2017 Champ JJ Mazur, along with Jimmy Johnson, for third.

The Sportsman had an incredible showing in the pits with nearly 30 cars, but despite all of the new blood it was two of the top regulars of 2017 battling it out for the victory.  Andrew Smith led the opening 10 circuits only to see Sarah Johnson move around the outside of him off of turn four to take the lead away.  Johnson would then have to hold off the advances of defending champion Kyle Inman down the stretch to earn a trip to Victory Lane.  Canadians Brad Rouse and Cody McPherson placed third and fourth, respectively, while young Cam Tuttle completed the top five.

One of the veterans that was on point last night was Dave DuBois, who took the lead from Zack Carley on lap two of the 360 Late Model feature and after battling him off for the first 15 laps would dominate the final five circuits to capture the win.  The multi-time champion also won his heat race to earn the sweep on the night.  Tommy Kemp would drive up to second with John Zimmerman and Rich Hale moving up to third and fourth respectively.  Carley would complete the top five.

The Street Stocks also had a strong car count, with additions such as Josh Pangrazio bringing out his hot rod and scoring an authoritative victory.  Mike Jackson led the first 15 circuits, but Pangrazio would drive by the No. 9 with less than five laps left and still drive away to win by over three seconds.  Pangrazio had to start at the tail of the field on a lap four restart, which illustrates how strong he was on the night.  Jackson would just hold off defending champion Byron Dewitt for second, while Dennis Cummings and Ryan Allen completed the top five.

Like always, the Mini Stock division had a dramatic finish, and once again it was Dante Mancuso coming out on top.  Chris Leone led on two occasions and was less than a lap away from his first Genesee win when he and Mancuso came together in turn two.  Leone would crash and was unable to finish while Mancuso, the defending champion, would ride off to the win. Cole Susice would score the runner-up finish, with Bill Weller Jr., Anthony Hermanson and Ryan Plante rounding out the top five.

The Bandits started off the season with a strong car count as well, with division veterans dominating the top three spots.  Bailey Logsdon would take the lead on lap eight and drive away to collect the win, with 2017 Champion Jessica Traxler crossing in second. Adam Jackson would complete the podium in third.

The action stays hot at Genesee now with the regular season in full gear with another Super Six at 6:00 program next Saturday Night, presented by Orleans Ford.  For more information, visit www.Genesee-Speedway.com.
Genesee Speedway Results: 5/5/2018-
Kohorst Custom Homes & Remodeling Night

MHL Performance Crate Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- KYLE MURRAY, Beamer Guzzardi, Jon Rivers, JJ Mazur, Jimmy Johnson, Carl Shetler, Billy DuBois, Dante Mancuso, Greg Mrzywka, Bill Holmes, Doug Ricotta, David Pangrazio (DNS), Alan Chapman (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Guzzardi 1-2, Murray 3, Guzzardi 4-15, Murray 16-20.
Heat Winners- Johnson, Rivers.

Cornerstone Eye Associates Sportsman Feature (25 Laps)- SARAH JOHNSON, Kyle Inman, Brad Rouse, Cody McPherson, Cam Tuttle, TJ Newton, Derrick Borkenhagen, Austin Fugle, Shane O’Grady, Chase Matteson, Tony Muscato, Jim Harbison, Rick Martin, Dalton Martin, Jonathan Reid, Andrew Smith, Austin Susice, Nate Koson, Billy Coleman, Ray Bliss, Brian Monahan, Mike Denning, Zach George, Matt Steffenhagen, AJ Custodi, Chris Brown, John Venuto, Zack Sam,

Lap Leader- A. Smith 1-10, Johnson 11-25.
Heat Winners- Johnson, Reid, Venuto, A. Smith.

Ken’s Charcoal Pits BBQ 360 Late Model Feature (20 Laps)- DAVE DuBois, Tommy Kemp, John Zimmerman, Rich Hale, Zack Carley, Tom Baker, Jacob McConnell, Shawn Hazlitt, Brian Farnsworth (DNS).

Lap Leaders- Carley 1, DuBois 2-20.
Heat Winners- DuBois.
Yasses Trucking & Construction Street Stock Feature (20 Laps)- JOSH PANGRAZIO, Mike Jackson, Byron Dewitt, Dennis Cummings, Ryan Allen, Kenny Begnouche, Morgan Dewitt, Ken Camidge, Chris Dziomba, Deanna Jackson, Nate Arnold, Mike Krumarz, Bob Babbitt, Bill Taylor, Roy Amadick, Mike Kelly, Phil Schepis, Brandon Sherwood, Jordan Moden (DNS), Jesse Qutermous (DNS), Tommy Cooper (DNS).

Lap Leaders- M. Jackson 1-15, Pangrazio 16-20.
Heat Winners- Dewitt, Cummings, Pangrazio

Pellegrino Auto Sales Mini Stock Feature (15 Laps)- DANTE MANCUSO, Cole Susice, Bill Weller Jr., Anthony Hermanson, Ryan Plante, Joe Kilby, Ruben Coffey, Tony Kulesza, Lindsey McKenzie, Chris Leone, Trinity Reynolds, Rich Conte, Chuck Cala, Eric Brumsted, John Mosher, Steven Krawczyk, Eric Weis, Jessica Schleede, Olivia Coniber, 36,  Tom Urban (DNS), Chad Dickinson (DQ).

Lap Leaders- Leone 1-2, Susice 3-7, Leone 8-14, Mancuso 15.
Heat Winners- Mancuso, Susice, Krawczyk.

DML Sealing Bandits (12 Laps)- BAILEY LOGSDON, Jessica Traxler, Adam Jackson, Justin Jackson, Greenley George, Brian Gregory, Randy Gregory, Alexis Traxler, Allison Dewitt.

Lap Leaders- A. Jackson 1-8, Logsdon 9-12.